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Dreamyverse is an interactive webcomic/visual novel/online experience. The comic runs in-browser with jQuery; it's mobile compatible and has autoplay music that can be paused or muted. It was illustrated in Paint Tool SAI and has an electronic soundtrack composed with pxTone. It's an ongoing project that initially launched May 12th, 2018, and it's rated PG-13 for swearing.

It's free to read, but you can support the project and see the creation of upcoming chapters and other bonus material by pledging on Patreon!

Dreamyverse is released in full chapters, but there's always stuff to check out before the next chapter is ready! Why don't you take a look around the site and learn about the characters and universe?

About the Story

The Dream World is a realm past the everyday Waking World, just a bit deeper past normal dreams. It exists as both a dream and a reality, and can be interacted with and lived in just like the Waking World.

There's a variety of ways people can visit it. Most commonly, tourists wind up there by sleeping at important points in their lives or in unusual places.

The story follows Nada after they wake up in the Dream World right as catastrophe hits – the teleprisms that let people teleport to and from the Dream World disappear. Taffy, who is assigned as Nada's Dream Guide, leads them through the Dream World trying to get them back home.

Teleport from the Nexus

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