Name: Clay AKA Yanadose

Age: 20 something earthspins

Gender: Maybe someday...

Zodiac: Taurus, Year of the Rat

Likes: Drawing eyeballs exclusively, thinking about medieval knights, consuming toxins

Dislikes: Eye contact, mind sorcery, Coca Cola


Twitter: nuigerita

Toyhouse: clay

Soundcloud: yanadose

Tumblr: main: eeyes | art: yanadose | music: yanatunes | dreamyverse

Deviantart: yanadose

You can e-mail me for any business inquiries at yanyanadose (at) gmail (dot) com! I'm currently focusing my artistic endeavors towards Patreon and Dreamyverse due to limited energy, so I'm not open for commissions at the moment.

Also, any Ko-fi donations are greatly appreciated. They help support my artwork, as I create everything and share it for free with everyone here! If you enjoy my work or have used some of my freebies/templates/etc, please consider throwing a little love my way. [cue PBS talk] This website is possible due to viewers like you, thank you!

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