update log

9/26/21 update log created, dreamyverse group on deviantART created
8/22/21 splash page changed to nicht for 11 million views (here's the previous and first ever banner if you were curious), new freebie wallpapers added to /bonus
6/8/21 chapter 1 ost released on bandcamp as a pwyw download
6/5/21 launched a patreon page where i'll be posting content like art, music, coding, etc before the next dreamyverse chapter is out
5/11/21 updated dreamyverse's main layout and added a bunch of new webpages, notably /nature, /map, and /bonus
9/2/20 mockup pet site with taffy's patisserie accessible from /bonus/pet
7/21/20 chapter two of dreamyverse published!
9/8/19 overhauled dreamyverse's VN layout, added a custom music player, made /music where you can download songs from
5/12/18 chapter one of dreamyverse published!

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