Map of the Dream World

Places worth checking out while you're dreaming here.

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Nexus 1

Nexus 1 is nestled in nature and fairly cut off from the rest of the Dream World by the tall Pluckdrop Mountains to the south and Glowgem Ridge to the east. It's east of the Valley of the Moon.

Though it's usually deserted and quiet, Nexus 1 comes to life during its festivities that are held throughout the year. It holds a huge annual festival where every variety of merchandise, contest, game, and event is hosted, and its small plaza seems to be overflowing with tourists, Dreamborns, and spirits alike.

Outside of festivals, there's still a year-round potpourri of merchant booths. Nexus 1 is also home to a colossal tourism center, where newcomers and Dream World savants alike can learn about the Dream World or find their next destination.

Valley of the Moon

The Valley of the Moon is a large expanse of rolling hills to the west of Nexus 1, past the Cobalt Spine that divides the two regions. In the shadow of this mountain, blue and purple rivers carve out the landscape and lightning trees grow abundant.

It's a tradition for Dream Explorers to practice their magic here, learning to reconstruct the landscape or build structures. However, it's always cleaned up at the end of the day, minus some inconsistencies shifting the horizon here and there.

Besides this, the Valley of the Moon is desolate and not frequently visited. There's a couple stories from Dream Explorers who forgot to clean up their practice magic at the valley, but upon returning to revise it, they swear the landscape had seemingly reverted by itself.

Glowgem Ridge

To the east of Nexus 1 lay Glowgem Ridge, a purple mountain range full of bioluminescent verdure. Glowgem Ridge is a favourite haunt (pun intended) of spirits like pixies and fairies, who find its landscape familiar and comforting.

The moon is always visible in the sky here, as the few residents of the mountain find it "fits the aesthetic best." The whole mountain is curated like this - Dream Explorers fabricate the landscape based on the whims of the populace who reside in and frequent the area.

Despite this, Glowgem Ridge has mostly kept the same scenery over its history.

Red Forest

In the valley to the east of Glowgem Ridge and to the northwest of Nexus 2 sits the Red Forest. In contrast to its more populous and noisy neighbors, this region is deathly quiet and seemingly uninhabited, save for Charisma's Mansion.

The repetitive landscape and even spacing of the foliage of the Red Forest gives it an uncanny feeling, as though it were meticulously groomed. In reality, the native dango trees naturally grow in this uniform fashion without any interference.

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Charisma's Mansion

The Red Forest is home to Charisma's Mansion. It's an impressive feat of architecture, with Victorian-style fixtures and stained glass windows.

The mansion has a large spire that can see over the Red Forest all the way to Nexus 2, along with an expanse of gaudy rooms showcasing a variety of gothic furniture and decor. Charisma created the mansion herself, she still adds new rooms and towers as she sees fit.

Most of the architecture and artwork, such as the stained glass windows, depict Charisma herself in a suitably extravagant aesthetic.

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Nexus 2

Nexus 2 is located to the southeast beneath the Red Forest and north of Doubler's Path. It's a popular tourist location, boasting a gift shop, spa, restaurant, and hotel.

The Nexus sits on the Tetral Ocean, a magenta and cyan ocean that's struck intermittently by bolts of lightning called "Glowpy's Tridents." They're totally harmless, so beachgoers fancy it as a light show.

Doubler's Path

Doubler's Path carves through the valley to the east of the Pluckdrop Mountains. It's southward bound from Nexus 2.

Many hotels and attractions are located on the beaches on Doubler's Sea. The region is filled with muzika bubbles that emit musical tones when popped, making the trail a melodious and scenic route.

Whimbar Forest

To the southeast of the Pluckdrop Mountains and south of Doubler's Path is Whimbar Forest. It's a quiet grove where melt pine trees and suncoliole flowers grow abundant.

The Clock Tower and Godhate's Cottage are located here. Outside of these landmarks, the woods are thick and winding, so going off the trail could easily result in getting lost.

Some say there's a dangerous secret lurking in the depths of Whimbar Forest, but that's probably just a fairytale to keep people from wandering in the deep woods.

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Clock Tower

Somnessa and Drowlizzy live in the Clock Tower near the entrance of Whimbar Forest, close to Doubler's Path. It's a great feat of architecture and clockwork designed and erected by Somnessa herself.

It seems that Somnessa spends most of her time in the Clock Tower, testing designs for clockwork she brings to fruition in the Waking World. Drowlizzy doesn't visit the Dream World as frequently, but she tends to a garden of suncoliole flowers outside the tower.

In years past, outsiders weren't allowed to visit the Clock Tower at all, but Drowlizzy is intent on welcoming guests when she's there. The building still has an intimidating silhouette and a reputation for scaring off visitors no matter what she does, though.

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Godhate's Cottage

Godhate Lillipede lives in a cottage in the Whimbar Forest to the east of the Clock Tower. It overlooks a deeper part of the woods, so Godhate warns any passersby to stick to the forest trail.

The cottage itself has candles in the front yard that have burned for as long as she's lived there. Godhate has a small library dedicated to facts about the Waking World. She's mostly interested in the melting wax and transient nature of Waking World candles, as she herself is the spirit of a candle.

Additionally, Godhate is an oracle, so she'll give fortunes to tourists that interest her. Her cottage is also the occasional host to top-notch tea parties.

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