Ita: NUI! You aren't going anywhere!

Nui: Ita?! Ger?!

Nui: ...You're too late!

I'm about to begin my metamorphosis into something beyond powerful!

Ger: That's like, totally over the top and unnecessary!

You're literally NUI! THE Nui!

Ita: Were you going to... go into that cocoon?

That's kind of sickening... Hehehe.

Nui: Yes.

Once I enter it, I'll sleep for a century, and upon awakening, I'll be more powerful than any being the Dream World has ever seen...

Nui: I will use this power for good, I promise...

I just wish to see this world prosper at last.

Taffy: More powerful than Queen Nuigerita, you mean?

We solved your puzzles...

Taffy: Just what exactly do you plan on doing?!

Null: Mx. Vague Guy over here better start telling us what "seeing the world prosper" means!

Nui: You wouldn't understand!

None of you know what it's like to be me!

Not even Ger and Ita.

Ita: Nui...

Ita: You're kinda right, hehehe.

Ger: But why would you leave us?

That's like, too sad! I want a happy ending!


Nui: In 100 years, I'll return to you.

With my newfound power, I can take on Kaupitero AND her sentries!

Nui: No more running around like a mantis without its head!

And surely, we'll fulfill our purposes, Queen Nuigerita will finally be happy with us!

Nui: Isn't that enough?!

Ger: But, but...

No more parties... No more staying up all night together...

Ita: No more telling stories by the fire...

Nada: W-wait!

If you leave now, the Dream World will be in real danger!

Nui: Huh? What are you talking about?

Nada: Kaupitero's sentries, and Kaupitero himself, they're all sabotaging the Dream World...

Nuigerita herself requested the three of you to help.

Nui: Nuigerita... Hehe.

Queen Nuigerita herself, huh?

Nui: NOW she talks to us, now that trouble is knocking at his door...

Nui: No, not even directly to us!

She sent you guys to talk to us instead! That's just like them!

Nui: He couldn't possibly understand what it means to be a sentry.

What it's like to be created in someone else's image.

Puicko: Ger and Ita surely share your pain, Nui.

This isn't your burden alone...

Ger: Um, well, Nui's a bit... different!

Ger: When we were created, each of us took, like, an essence of Queen Nuigerita, if that makes sense.

I definitely inherited the talkative partying side of him, cuz WOO-HOO!

Ita: I took on the delightfully creepy and violent side of Queen Nuigerita.

Ita: What's that...?

You've never heard of such a thing...? Heeheehee.

Nui: And I embody his love for the Dream World and creation itself.

Nui: All the weight of the Dream World comes down on my shoulders daily...

When we fail to catch Kaupitero's sentries, it is myself who feels the waves of guilt.

Nui: The safety of the Dreamborns and Dream Tourists, such things keep me awake for days...

Nui: And so I've devised a solution.

If I become stronger, STRONGER than Nuigerita, everyone will finally be safe.

Kaupitero's defeat will be nigh.

Nada: U-uh, I don't think that day is today!

We literally need your help with Kau right now!!

Nui: Oh, what, like Nuigerita can't deal with Kau himself?

Nui nonchalantly waves me off and starts sauntering away in the direction of the foreboding, pallid cocoon.

Nada: N-no, I don't think Queen Nuigerita can do that!!

Kaupitero has an ally called Nicht! It's seriously complicated!

Ita: You best not get any closer to that cocoon.

Nui: Or what?

Ita: Or I'll give you a new haircut.

Nui: Hahahaha!

I'd like to see you try, motherfucker!

Nui and Ita erupt into a fight so quickly I think it gives me whiplash.

Ita's fighting swiftly with scissors, and Nui blocks all their attacks with their multiple arms.

It's quite a spectacle.

When I look closer, though, Nui isn't fighting back, even though they have plenty of arms to be attacking with...

Ita: You're rustier than these scissors.

Nui: Pfeh.

I've been busy building, not fighting.

Nui: I don't want to fight you anyways, Ita...

You win. I get it.

Nui: If I sleep now, everyone will be in danger.

Focusing on myself is just downright selfish.

Nui: That's real power, isn't it?

Helping others... I lost sight of that.

Nui: ...

Nui: And, the two of you—


The three of us, back in action, helping Queen Nuigerita~!

Ita: We will write the pages of history with a bloody victory now that you've rejoined forces with us, Nui.

Nui: ...Yes. That's that.

Let's not waste any more time.

With that, Nuigerita's three sentries, Nui, Ger, and Ita depart from Nui's Tower in search of Kaupitero's sentries in order to fulfill their purpose...

I'm sure Taffy and Puicko feel the weight of Nuigerita's royal quests lingering over their heads in the same way.

Progress was made today.

Now all that's left is defeating Kaupitero and Nicht.