Yanadose's Dreamycities

✎⅏ Adoptables

A showcase of my adoptable designs!

The most recent ones are at the beginning. The links go to their Toyhouses.

Clowncore Sheep

$35 / Clowncore Sheep

Lolita Fairy Deer

$45 / Lolita Fairy Deer

Black & White Bunny

$30 / Black & White Bunny


$35 / Rosaria

A gothic lolita with a penchant for doom metal and fairytales.

Suika Sucker

$35 / Suika Sucker

Known to most by their online handle "suika sucker," this bubbly fashion student is also the owner and model of an online fashion store that mixes cozy upcycled looks with chic y2k fashion, along with their brand logo and favourite fruit, watermelons.

Dango Angel

$20 / Dango Angel

Created using the 3 emoji challenge from 🍡😇🐁.

Lolita Firefly Moth

$25 / Lolita Firefly Moth

Balloon Dog

$35 / Balloon Dog

Alt Fashion Doggey

$35 / Alt Fashion Doggey

Flowery Lovecore Adopt

$30 / Flowery Lovecore Adopt

Sohta Urhahn

$150 / Sohta Urhahn

A stoic and serious Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te who focuses mostly on lancer training.


$50 / Candybat

A Halloween-inspired candycorn bat. Their hoodie covers their wings and the white clawed feet are actually super fluffy slippers.

Pastel Pig

$20 / Pastel Pig

A totes famous Instagram influencer. Their room is FILLED to the brim with Sanrio plushies and pink decor galore.


$15 / Piñata

Some kind of cactus-looking demon girl who likes wrestling and shitty romcom animes.


$80 / Reverend

Sparklewoof with a penchant for lighting fires. He hates the government, water, and haircuts.

Wasp Unleasher

$100 / Wasp Unleasher

An alien who appears as a mouse-like humanoid who has a penchant for petty theft, shoplifting, and sabotaging security cameras. His favourite method of shoplifting is releasing a swarm of wasps in a building before the burglary.


$10 / Winnow

A total phone addict who goes clubbing just to take pics for their Instagram.


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