Yanadose's Dreamycities

✎⅏ Adoptables

A showcase of my adoptable designs!

The most recent ones are at the beginning. The links go to their Toyhouses.

Sohta Urhahn

$200 / Sohta Urhahn

A stoic and serious Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te who focuses mostly on lancer training.


$70 / Candybat

A Halloween-inspired candycorn bat. Their hoodie covers their wings and the white clawed feet are actually super fluffy slippers.

Pastel Pig

$20 / Pastel Pig

A totes famous Instagram influencer. Their room is FILLED to the brim with Sanrio plushies and pink decor galore.


$20 / Piñata

Some kind of cactus-looking demon girl who likes wrestling and shitty romcom animes.


$100 / Reverend

Sparklewoof with a penchant for lighting fires. He hates the government, water, and haircuts.

Wasp Unleasher

$130 / Wasp Unleasher

An alien who appears as a mouse-like humanoid who has a penchant for petty theft, shoplifting, and sabotaging security cameras. His favourite method of shoplifting is releasing a swarm of wasps in a building before the burglary.


$10 / Winnow

A total phone addict who goes clubbing just to take pics for their Instagram.


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