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Chapter 1

This page is for some musical selections I've curated for Dreamyverse. Click on the song name to listen to it on the music player. They are free to download for personal listening usage, you can right-click and save the MP3 files from the download button. They were probably made in pxTone, or otherwise FL Studio.


Cemetery's Sake
Charisma's theme song.
Clock Tower
Theme song for the Clock Tower. I don't think I wanna go there, thanks.
Theme song for Doubler's Path.
Cream Cheese
Notlinotif Charge's theme. The sound of a wheat stalk in your mouth...
Dream World
Theme song for Nexus 1. Remixed from a song I made in 2012.
Egg Factory
Spooky... Teehee...
Game of Jacks
I wouldn't play this game, if I were you...
Gas Leak
Maybe the theme song for an important character?
You'll never crack the code.
Ha Hoo
Classic Dream World feel. Recycled from 2013.
The theme song for the Red Forest.
Human Faced Cats
Taffy's theme song. Remixed from a 2015 song. The voice clips are from a neural network by SomethingUnreal.
A song with a lazy air to it. Probably something you'd hear at a laundromat.
Eureka, we've done it.
Minty Water
Nada's theme song. Let me breakdance for you on the world's smallest, saddest dancefloor...
An ancient tale is recited.
Exit's theme song. Isn't it cute?
Ms. Quest
Something to do with Nuigerita.
Nailed It
The theme song for a certain nexus. Recycled from 2014 and I don't wanna mess with it any further, cuz I "nailed it."
Nicht Jetzt, Nicht Heute
Whoever this song is for, they sound like an asshole.
Pafei and Wheats
Pafei's theme song. Makes you wanna bust a move.
Paris Velboa
Lotus Paris's theme song. Sing along if you know the lyrics!
The song for Dreamborn antics.
Pasturized Water
Zoca's theme song. Really, she could not walk any slower.
Dunno. Maybe I just wanna party.
Salty Water
Null's theme song. Let me beatbox for you on the world's smallest, saddest... mouth.
Salty Water (Alt)
Is this a friend or a foe?
Scrap Pile
You've been messing with the wrong people.
Soft In It
Drowlizzy and Somnessa's theme song.
Stagnant Water
Del's theme song. Trouble in paradise has arrived.
The theme song for Nexus 2.
Just dreamin'.
Swerve (In a Daze)
Just a dream, that's all...
The Wells Have Run Dry
A stoic and poignant regret.
Trust Hell3
This one goes out to you, Nuigerita! Number 3 for some reason!
Charisma's song of evil and doom. (Sources say this song belongs to another character, as well.)
Violet Pools
The theme song for Glowgem Ridge.
Washed Up
Welcome to Nuigerita
Queen Nuigerita's awesomesauce theme song.
White Lie
Heron's theme song of lore and exposition.
Tulip's theme song. Kinda loud, just like her.
A song for a key location, somewhere.