Dream World Dictionary

Some terminology you should know.


A conveniently located plaza where people can warp to and from. The busiest spot of its region, as people go in and out here all the time. It's where secretaries are stationed to assign Dream Guides to tourists. Definitely where you should head if you're lost.


Floating green gems found in any Nexus. They are what give Nexi warping abilities, so anyone can easily travel between them.


Anyone who works to keep the Dream World in order. They're created and assigned by Nuigerita for their respective purposes. Nuigerita also counts as a Dreamborn. How do they age?...

Dream Guides

A Dreamborn classification. They serve to transport tourists around the Dream World and prevent nightmares. They seem to have the strictest dress code: cyan skin, magenta hair, a pair of purple wings and sometimes a tail, and a shirt with green writing that says something like "you're in the Dream World."

Dream Secretaries

A Dreamborn classification. They're in charge of assigning tasks to the other Dreamborn classes. Their workplace is in the tall building located at each Nexus, so if you have any complaints, file them there. They have fuchsia skin, horns, and usually an arrowhead tail.

Dream Explorers

A Dreamborn classification. They destroy old ruined places and prune dangerous objects, as well as design and produce new areas. You don't see them very much, but there's a lot of them working at the edges of the existing Dream World. Their dress code is relatively lax, but they always have purple skin, an object tail, and an impressive pair of wings.

Dream Tourists

A loose term to describe anyone visiting the Dream World from the Waking World. 99% of the time, they're people like Nada who are sleeping and enter through their dreams. Who else does it include? Animals? Can my dog go to the Dream World with me?? What do I do if I see my ex from high school in the Dream World?!?! Now I'm worried!!!


A loose term to describe any being that exists in the Dream World but isn't living and/or from the Waking World. There's ghosts, demons, and fairies, among other things.


They, um... requested their own section here. She's the ruler of the Dream World, usually called the "Dream God." They oversee everything going on in the Dream World. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to speak with him, so if you do, be on your best behavior!

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